and it was all pink


I had another cut. I feel a bit awkward posting about it but I imagine it's ruder to de-friend people without saying anything? So if someone has checked back to read this: no offence intended. I'm just a private person as you can maybe tell. I don't like having friends for the sake of it, I need to feel really connected to a person by communication, having a similar story or sharing similar values and morals. That's all.
Thank you for keeping me. :) I also did a cut recently, and I always feel crap about doing it, but find it so impolite when people cut me without some prior warning that there'll be a cut, so I like to extend that courtesy to people. It's not necessarily that they've done anything wrong, but we're just not connecting.
No problem ; ). Yeah I understand, personally I don't mind too much whether I'm told or not but I do feel like saying something to let people know there's no issue/bad blood is the better way to go.