and it was all pink

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow...

I just had to document, mainly for my own sake, the fact that it is actually snowing in England. And I mean really snowing. Not the one or two days of very light snow fall that people here usually go crazy about but legitimate week-long medium intensity snow fall. I have such a soft spot for Canada after spending a year studying there so anything that makes England feel more like Canada is a good thing in my book : P. I wish I could have taken more picturesque photos but apart from when I've been going from one place to another I've been in doors all day. So here are some photos I took on my prehistoric i-phone 3 whilst waiting for a bus this morning.

A man with his sons, pulling a sledge along behind him and giving me a quizzical look.

You can see the beginnings of the area my apartment block is in, the houses around here are really cute, I'll maybe take proper photos at some point.

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Gorgeous!! I know it's probably a pain in the ass for you (I've been in England in winter a couple of times, I know how easily transport can go down in weather like this), but it looks like a fairy tale to this Australian, who is currently battling temperatures so hot that our weather service had to upgrade their measurements!
Haha aw no I agree snow really is gorgeous to look at it! Oh wow it's been that hot in Aus?? What happens at times like that? Do schools close and such?

Yeah you're absolutely right, public transport here is veryyy easily affected by anything other than grey skies ;). Sorry that you didn't enjoy your Europe trip btw, that's such a shame.
We're off school at the moment. We have our big break now, as opposed to the middle of the year like you Northern Hemispherites! But the kids go back on like Tuesday. Luckily its cooled down. But yes, we do have "hot weather policies" if the school isn't adequately air conditioned where the kids go home at lunch. Otherwise they are kept inside for breaks and stuff. Oh and hats are mandatory. Kids are not allowed out (even in winter i think) without a hat on.

I only know this cos my dad is a principal!
Wow that sounds so wild to me. Particularly the indoor breaks, I would never have guessed that as one of the precautions that might be taken. It really highlights how uncomfortably hot it gets. I'm always so desperate for sunshine living here it's hard to believe you could ever get too much of a good thing!